Richard Tearle


Richard was born in Muswell Hill, London and nearly went to school with the Kinks and Rod Stewart. Starting work at the Ever Ready Company in 1964, he moved on to the Performing Right Society and ended his working life as a Civil Servant, retiring in 2013. He now lives in Lichfield, Staffordshire. He has four children and an equal number of grandchildren. Needless to say, he loved reading as well as Tottenham Hotspur and steam trains.
Richard was a voracious reader, but never took life seriously. He passed away after illness on April 13th 2021 - having seen and enjoyed his book in print.

Richard's own writing: Scraps and Scribblings

By Richard Tearle
with Helen Hollick

When a group of north London writers meet each month for a chat, coffee, and cake – what else is on their agenda? Constructive criticism? New Ideas? An exciting project? And maybe, more than one prospective romance...?

Eavesdrop on the monthly meetings of the North Finchley Writers' Group, follow some ordinary people with a love of story writing, and an eagerness for success. Discover, along with them, the mysteries of creating characters and plot, of what inspires ideas, and how real life can, occasionally, divert the dream...


“A thoroughly lovely, fun, read. Believable characters who I got to know quite well. Really enjoyed it. True to life I’d say!”

“So entertaining! I laughed a lot – and recognised many a writer’s dilemma!”

The Chill With A Book PREMIER award which is honoured to books that receive exceptional high evaluations from Chill Readers:  

A perfect book to settle down on a sun lounger or comfy chair and escape into a world of book lovers. 

It is well written with engaging characters and offers an insight into a group with all its dynamics.

No hesitation to recommend this book.

An engaging story, with recognisable characters.

A very enjoyable story, well written with very interesting characters. Also a bit of subtle romance

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

An Amazon Reader's Review:

"A hugely enjoyable peep into what REALLY goes on in writers' groups when they get together to plot storylines. Love, envy, laughter, hatred...and that's just the meeting! Very entertaining, and more than one home truth. Whether you’re a reader, a writer, or an aspiring author, you’ll connect with this loveable cast of characters. Who knows? You may even be inspired to open your own group. In fact, SPOILER ALERT…just don’t fall in love with the hostess! Richard Tearle is so talented in bringing these people to life, and his characters just jump off the page and into your living room. Five stars from me for a really great feel-good new book with lovely light-hearted humour and poignant stories."

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